Employment Based Fifth Preference

Employment Based Fifth Preference (i.e. EB-5) is an immigration visa available to the overseas applicants seeking immigration through investment. Based on EB-5 eligibility, eligible aliens include those who invests:

1).USD 1,000,000 in any places within USA and at least employs ten qualified individuals or

2).USD 500,000 in a targeted employment area where it has an employment rate under the national level and at least employs ten qualified individuals or

3). USD 500,000 in the regional center approved by the government.

At present, our company is dealing with the municipal projects with USD 500,000 investment amount. The advantages are as follows:

● No requirements on age, education background, language proficiency or commercial background.

● No need to create business, run companies, or directly recruit employees.

● Investment fund to be transferred only upon the approval by USCIS

● Available to investors either alone or coming with their family members.

● Free basic education to their children and more chances to be admitted by schools at top level.

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